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About Augusta Sculpture Trail

About Augusta Sculpture Trail

A new Sculpture Trail in Downtown Augusta, GA

In January 2023, The City of Augusta and The Greater Augusta Arts Council installed ten new sculptures as part of the Sculpture Trail. The Augusta Sculpture Trail is a walkable and promotable art trail to attract local and regional visitors to the Downtown Augusta area, supporting Augusta’s economic and cultural prosperity.


The public works of art are being placed at intervals that make for a fun and easy outdoor walking trail. The top ten sculptures were selected from submissions and the pieces will remain a part of the Sculpture Trail for two years.


Four of the sculptures from the initial Sculpture Trail have been donated to the City’s Public Art Collection and included as a permanent addition to the Trail. Those are Maestro and Forever Young by Larry Schueckler, Unstoppable by Gus and Lina Ocamposilva,  Popsicles by Craig Berube Gray and Sun Lion by D’jean Jawrunner.


Sculptures that have been purchased from the just completed cycle of the Augusta Sculpture Trail that were located on Broad Street have been temporarily relocated in expectation of road redevelopment along Broad Street in the next two years.


An update to the Augusta Sculpture Trail digital walking tour is being produced by Otocast. It can be accessed from any mobile device. This tool will help visitors learn specifics about each work of art while they explore the Augusta Sculpture Trail, and includes audio of each artist, talking about their works of art.

Sculpture Trail Highlights


Greater Augusta Arts Council

Public Art is an important part of our city, and the Greater Augusta Arts Council is working to bring even more public work to the Augusta community. In early 2012, the Greater Augusta Arts Council was named as the Public Arts Agency for the City of Augusta. Since then, they have made great strides in their goal to establish a program of high quality public art in the local area with the help of the City of Augusta and the Augusta Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Wherever it is located, public art creates community. Public art can add value and positivity to neighborhoods, it can bring a smile to someone’s face in an unexpected part of town, and it boosts people’s health, happiness, and well-being. Art enhances communal spaces like parks, pedestrian thoroughfares, public buildings, and wherever people gather. Sculptures, murals, and other art installations also strengthen a sense of identity in the community.